Cumann Lúthchleas Gael Cill Mhantáin

Cumann na mBunscol (Article 35)

July 15th, 2019

Cumann na mBunscol (Article 35)

Allianz Cumann na mBunscol Chill Mhantáin

Sports Day Was Well Worth the Wait

The Wicklow Allianz Cumann na mBunscol Sports day finally went ahead on a sunny day in Charlesland on Wednesday June 19th.  It had been cancelled the week previously due to the torrential rain much to everyone’s disappointment, however it was well worth the wait! Wednesday was a fantastic day showing the pride, pace and passion of the primary school boys and girls from all over North Wicklow. While there were many tears when races were not won they were cheerful shouts of celebration as competitors representing 17 schools stood on the podium to receive their medals and trophies.  Thanks to the Allianz Cumann na mBunscol committee for an excellent day which ran so smoothly from end to end and to the parents, pupils and teachers from each school who ran the events with such enthusiasm, making it a very enjoyable day for all involved.

The following schools participated on the day: 

Bray School Project National School, Gaelscoil Ui Cheadaigh, Bray, Kilcoole Primary School, Kilmacanogue National School, Newtownmountkennedy Primary School, Scoil Chualann, Bray, Scoil na Coróine Mhuire, Ashford, Scoil Naisiunta Padraig Naofa, Curtlestown, St Brigid’s School, Greystones, St Coen’s NS Rathnew, St Fergal’s N.S., St Laurence’s National School, Roundwood, St Patrick’s, Bray, St Patrick’s Boys National School, Wicklow Town, St Peter’s National School, Bray, St. Cronan’s Bray, Gaelscoil na gClocha Liath

Allianz Cumann na mBunscol Wicklow Sports Results

Best Turned out School: Scoil Naisiúnta Padraig Naofa, Curtlestown

Girls Track Events

U. 8 50m

1st Kate Patchell  – Gaelscoil na Clocha Liatha,

2nd Fia Clucas  – St Peter’s National School, Bray,

3rd Lily Lawless  – St Laurence’s National School, Roundwood,                                                                     

U. 9 50m

1st Lena Ní Ghliosáin  – Gaelscoil na Clocha Liatha

2nd Brooke Byrne  – St Coen’s NS Rathnew

3rd Anya McKenna  – St Laurence’s National School, Roundwood

U.10 50m

1st  Zoe Browne  – Kilmacanogue National School
2nd Caoimhe Dáibhís  – Gaelscoil na Clocha Liatha,                                              3rd Mirella Dygas  – St Patrick’s, Bray                                                

U. 8 80m

1st Doireann Dúdal Gaelcoil na Clocha Liatha,

2nd Jessica O’Connor St. Laurence’s Roundwood ,

3rd Florence Manning Scoil Naisiúnta Padraig Naofa, Curtlestown                                       

U. 9 80m

1st Robyn Ní Ógáin  – Gaelscoil na Clocha Liatha ,                                                

2nd Ciara  Ní Churáin  – Gaelscoil Ui Cheadaigh, Bray                                           

3rd Robyn Loughran  – Scoil na Coróine Mhuire, Ashford

U. 10 80m

1st  Maisie de Grae  – Gaelscoil na Clocha Liatha                                           

2nd Aisling Haines  – St Patrick’s, Bray                                                                                    

3rd Kelsey Kinlan  – St Fergal’s N.S.

U. 11 80m

1st Evie  Ní Raghallaigh  – Gaelscoil na Clocha Liatha                                            

2nd Rosie Davis  – St Laurence’s National School, Roundwood                                        

3rd Aislinn  Eager  – St Coen’s NS Rathnew

U. 12 100m

1st  Katie Ní Churáin  – Gaelscoil Ui Cheadaigh, Bray                                              

2nd Kimberly Ní Chinneide  – Scoil Chualann, Bray                                                   

3rd Cara McKenna  – St Laurence’s National School, Roundwood

O. 12 100m

1st Ava Lucy Godfrey  – Bray School Project National School

2nd Breta Ezeh  – St Patrick’s, Bray

3rd Tara Ní Mheachair  – Scoil Chualann, Bray

U. 11 200m

1st Aisling Meehan  – Kilmacanogue National School

2nd Aibigéal Ní Mhóráin  – Gaelscoil na Clocha Liatha

3rd Isobel Moran  – St Patrick’s, Bray

U.12 600m

1st Clara Doyle  – Kilcoole Primary School                                                                 

2nd Ciara Ní Luain  – Scoil Chualann, Bray                                                                 

3rd Millie Phelan  – St Patrick’s Boys National School, Wicklow Town

O12 600m

1st Cliona Meade  – St Patrick’s, Bray                                                                          

2nd Aoibhinn Keating  – Kilcoole Primary School                                           

3rd Katie Shaw  – Scoil Naisiunta Padraig Naofa, Curtlestown

Boys Track Events

U. 8 50m 

1st  Bill Ó hIarlatha  – Gaelscoil na Clocha Liatha                                                                 

2nd Fionnán  Ó Snodaigh  – Gaelscoil Ui Cheadaigh, Bray                                    

3rd Arthur Brunton  – St Cronan’s National School, Bray,   

U. 9 50m

1st Seán Byrne  – St Cronan’s National School, Bray                                                        

2nd Alex Fitszpatrick  – St Fergal’s N.S.                                                                                     

3rd Samuel De Bhál  – Gaelscoil na Clocha Liatha

U. 10 50m

1st  Toby Bradley  – Scoil Naisiunta Padraig Naofa, Curtlestown

2nd Leon Gibbons  – St Cronan’s National School, Bray                       

3rd  Seán Doorly  – St Brigid’s School, Greystones

U. 8 80m

1st   Rían Abell-Ward  – Scoil na Coróine Mhuire, Ashford

2nd  Daniel  Anderson  – Gaelscoil na Clocha Liatha

3rd Harry Farrell  – St Cronan’s National School, Bray                          

U. 9 80m

1st  Evan Mac Cionnaith  – Gaelscoil na Clocha Liatha                                                     

2nd Lucas Brack  – Scoil Naisiunta Padraig Naofa, Curtlestown               

3rd Jamie Guerin  – St Fergal’s N.S.                     

U. 10 80m

1st  Max Lynott Ó Cuinn  – Scoil Chualann, Bray

2nd Aaron  Egan  – St Cronan’s National School, Bray,

3rd  Aindriú De Bhál  – Gaelscoil na Clocha Liatha

U. 11 80m

1st  Kyle O’Hairt- Gaelscoil na Clocha Liatha,

2nd  Robert Brennan Tcazc  – St Cronan’s National School, Bray                                     

3rd Cian Kinlan  – St Fergal’s N.S.

U. 12 100m

1st Jack Ebbs  – St Cronan’s National School, Bray                                                             

2nd Luca Coppola  – St Fergal’s N.S.                                                      

3rd Ferdia O’ Sullivan  – Bray School Project National School

O. 12 100m

1st  Jeremiah  Moorehouse  – St Coen’s NS Rathnew

2nd Thomas Lawniczak  – St Brigid’s School, Greystones                            

3rd Billy Mansfield  – Kilmacanogue National School,                                                               

U. 11 200m

1st Malachy Mac Gionnath  – Gaelscoil na Clocha Liatha                                                     

2nd Liam Clarke  – Scoil Naisiunta Padraig Naofa, Curtlestown

3rd Ryan Owens  – St Fergal’s N.S.

U.12 600m

1st Alec Bartek  – Gaelscoil na Clocha Liatha                                                                       

2nd Alex  Mathews  – St Cronan’s National School, Bray                                        

3rd Bobby More  – Bray School Project National School

O12 600m

1st  Jack Finnegan  – St Brigid’s School, Greystones                                                           

2nd  Rian Anafi Mac Giobuin  – Scoil Chualann, Bray                                                            

3rd Josh Temple Slattery  – St Cronan’s National School, Bray

Girls Relay

1st  St. Patrick’s Bray: Hannah Dunne, Jenny Matthews, Paloma Roque, Breta Ezeh

2nd Scoil Chualann

3rd Kilcoole PS: Clara Doyle, Aoibhinn Keating, Lucy Nagle, Ava Devlin

Boys Relay

1st     Scoil Chualann

2nd St. Fergal’s: Edward Botezatu, Luca Copolla, Jack Kelly, Erik Riblovs

3rd Bray School Project: Devin Connolly, Bobby More, Ferdia O’Sullivan, Jamie Sutton

Boys Field Events


1st Tom O’ Mathuna  – Gaelscoil na Clocha Liatha

2nd  Callum Lacey  – Bray School Project National School

3rd Jack Leacy  – St Laurence’s National School, Roundwood


1st  Jamie Shannon  – Kilcoole Primary School

2nd Cealum Tyrer Hind  – Bray School Project National School

3rd Sam Lyons  – St Brigid’s School, Greystones


1st Tomás  Ó Conaill  – Gaelscoil na Clocha Liatha

2nd Mathew Doyle  – Newtownmountkennedy Primary School

3rd Liam Delaney  – St Patrick’s Boys National School, Wicklow Town


1st Luca Sinnott- Elliott  – Newtownmountkennedy Primary School

2nd Darragh Shannon  – Kilcoole Primary School

3rd Ciaran Matthews  – St Patrick’s Boys National School, Wicklow Town


1st Tadhg Cahill  – St Peter’s National School, Bray
2nd Evan Mac Catháin  – Gaelscoil Ui Cheadaigh, Bray
3rd Sam Joyce  – St Cronan’s National School, Bray


1st Daryll Ó Muirí-Mac Giolla Chomhgail  – Gaelscoil Ui Cheadaigh, Bray

2nd Jack Aron  – Scoil Chualann, Bray

3rd Liam Tully  – Bray School Project National School


1st Charlie Ó Gruagáin  – Gaelscoil na Clocha Liatha

2nd Noah Ó Dubhghlais  – Gaelscoil Ui Cheadaigh, Bray

3rd Dylan Burke  – St Brigid’s School, Greystones


1st Colin Whitten  – St Brigid’s School, Greystones

2nd Billy Delaney Byrne  – Kilcoole Primary School

3rd Daniel Moraghan- Kilmacanogue National School

Girls Field Events


1st Millie  Devlin Merriman  – Kilcoole Primary School

2nd    Yasmine Judge  – Scoil na Coróine Mhuire, Ashford

3rd Natalie Cymerkieviczs  – St Fergal’s N.S.


1st Katie O’ Connor  – Scoil na Coróine Mhuire, Ashford

2nd Grace Cullen  – St Laurence’s National School, Roundwood

3rd Anna Faye  Hanley  – Newtownmountkennedy Primary School


1st Kate Ní Shlatara  – Gaelscoil Ui Cheadaigh, Bray

2nd Teagan  Ní Cronin Sunderland  – Scoil Chualann, Bray

3rd Kate Ward  – Kilcoole Primary School


1st Laura Hannon  – Kilcoole Primary School

2nd Emily Ryan  – St Patrick’s, Bray

3rd Ella Cummins  – Kilmacanogue National School


1st Keelin Dodd  – Newtownmountkennedy Primary School

2nd Orla Nic Siomóin  – Scoil Chualann, Bray

3rd Olivia Gibson  – St Patrick’s, Bray


1st Keira Farrelly  – Newtownmountkennedy Primary School

2nd Chloe  Lowry  – Kilcoole Primary School

3rd Anastasia Banwo  – St Patrick’s Boys National School, Wicklow Town


1st Georgia  Ní Ógáin  – Gaelscoil na Clocha Liatha

2nd Ruby  Parker  – Kilcoole Primary School

3rd Kate Nic Róibín-Dúill  – Gaelscoil Ui Cheadaigh, Bray


1st Orla Fee  – St Laurence’s National School, Roundwood

2nd Abbi Hammond  – Kilcoole Primary School

3rd Lauren Ní Bhroin  – Gaelscoil Ui Cheadaigh, Bray

Tug of War

1st Kilmacanogue N.S: Abigail Bryan, Ella Davies, Ocean-Sky Duggan, Summer Kavanagh, Ben Morgan,  Charlie O’Connor, Jacob O’Sullivan, Eoin Woods

2nd St. Fergal’s: Cayden Coster, Eoin devlin, Tadhg Devlin, Charlie Douglas, Timur Demirkol, Jake Mc Cabe, Ellie  Moorehouse, Adam Windsor  

3rd St. Patrick’s Bray: Ella Clarke, Sarah Collins,  Kate  Donnelly, Abi Johnston, Rachel  Kirby, Lily Moore, Emily Ryan, Yu Chen Kelly Xue 

St. Laurence’s Represent Wicklow at Leinster Girls Gaelic Football Blitz

St. Laurence’s had a great day at DCU, they had some great games and finished in 4th place overall out of 8 teams.  They beat the Dubs, which was great considering some counties had trials for this blitz.  Well done St. Laurence’s for representing Wicklow so well!

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